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About Namah

All Namah Jewellery is handmade in India by local artisans who work tirelessly to bring you the best. We collaborate with artisans who operate from remote villages across India, each with their own unique specialisation in their handicraft. We ensure that these artisans are paid fair wages for every piece they create, and we take pride in doing so. Additionally, all of the stones used in our pieces are handpicked by us.

The name Namah has roots in the Sanskrit language and is often translated as "bowing to" or "paying homage to”. A name that would  evoke a sense of spirituality or to pay tribute to the artistry and craft that goes into creating each piece of jewellery. As a brand, we value tradition and heritage, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural history of India and other parts of the world where Sanskrit is spoken.

About Shimon

Namah started as a vision in the mind of nine-year-old Shimon, who stood in front of her grandmother's dressing table, trying on all her jewellery and hoping that someday she would grow into them. My passion for jewellery came from my grandmother, who would take me to souk markets and let me buy a new piece of jewellery every month. My most beloved jewellery pieces are the ones that my great-grandmother and grandmother passed down to me, and that is the idea behind Namah - to create jewellery that would be heirlooms, that would be part of a story, your story. Driven by this passion, I, Shimon Khatanar, founder of Namah, studied jewellery design and decided to start Namah to share this with the world. 

As a small business owner, I have to wear many hats, so if you've reached out to us, chances are you're speaking to me - please do say hi! And when I'm not designing or working on something new, you'll find me on a beach, just reading a book.

Founder of Namah
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